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White Chocolat Von Shinbashi - named Gilbert

Chinese Crested male born January 2oth 2008

Gilbert is a dog I had to have !

Throughout several years I looked, wished for and checked this breed out. And then suddenly one day I let my guards down and called a German breeder. And she had a litter at the time and had 2 boys for sale. What to do ? Gilbert moved to Denmark !

Gilbert then grew up with the Dalmatians. And he thinks and acts like a Dalmatian. The quite reserved attitude his breed can have - he does not have it at all !
His best body is the cat Miss Daisy. They play a lot together and they have their pillows next to each other on the window shelf.

Gilbert is just as hysterical as only small dogs can be and he is our little police man: He makes a lot of noise if people dare to walk on HIS sidewalk.

At the same time he is very loving and loves to role up close together with big Boris or to lay on my lap. And the poor dog who dares walk by might hear a deep growl from him. And the dog better walk away or..........