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News 2012

June 7th 2012


My old gentleman Boris (O'Talix's Introduces A Man By A Man) celebrates his 11th birthday to-day !
Happy as ever and still king of the house - rules like a true gentleman.
You simply have to love him !

He is a quarter of a tail shorter now !
10 days ago I finally had to give up on saving his tail. A big wound got badly infected
and kept spreading so there was nothing to do. The vet had to take of 10 cm.
This dog is simply too happy! Because of that he has had problems with his tail all his life.

June 2nd 2012


Bruce went all the way at the international show in Neumunster.
He was BOB and got both his first German CAC and his first CACIB
And Titania did well - she was second in Champion Class.
Bruce's brother Hiro was outside Denmark for the first time.
But not the last time I think ! He won Open Class (with 8 dogs) and got a German CAC

May 28th 2012


Titania had a come back to the show ring at a Danish International show in Aalborg.
And she did well. She was happy to be back, and the heat did not seem to
bother her as much as many of the other dogs - and she was BOB !
And Bruce was second best male and got his first Danish CAC.
So another good day for us.
BOS was O'Talix's Magic Mc.Luna

May 20th 2012

At the World Dog Show in Salzburg, Austria Bruce became Junior World Winner !
And on top of that he went to the Main ring and became also BIG2 Junior !
I can hardly stop smiling :-) So proud of my little boy.





The new Junior World Winner - my pride and joy !

April 2012


I now have licence to drive dogs - or what ?
We have a thing in Denmark called drivers license for dogs.
And Bruce and I passed the test. Only 4 dogs out of 10 passed, so we are very proud with this result.

April 2012


My two stupid boys !
Bruce and Boris peeing on each other. How stupid is that !?!


March 2012


Bruce is now a German Junior Champion !
He was Best Junior in 4 shows out of 5. (Hannover, Kassel & 2 x Recklingshausen)
So that was very fine. The 5th show went all wrong. Bruce only got a Good.
The reason: He insisted on laying on his back, when the judge was trying to see his teeth !
And the judge then meant that he was a bit unmature and gave him a very fin critique - but a Good.....

March 2012

We have the most wonderful dogforest nearby.
Here a little dog chasing Bruce !


And here a big hit ! The lake - the dogs love it !

February 2012


Hiro - Lots Of Spots Big Man Clarence was BOS at this years first International Show in Fredericia
A very fine result, as he came from Junior Class !

February 2012

This has to be the coldest winther ever !
But Bruce doesn't care. As long as he can run free with at stick in his mouth he is in heaven !