Kennel Lots Of Spots
Family and Show Dalmatians

Welcome to Lots Of Spots - a Dalmatian page

Kennel Lots Of Spots is a small Danish Dalmatian kennel, where we occasionally will have Dalmatian puppies for sale.

The word "kennel" is not, as in the old days, the same as dogs in cages and kennels. To have a kennel prefix under the Danish Kennel Club today is the puppy buyers assurance for quality breeding and dogs kept under good conditions..

My dogs are very much family dogs (read: couch dogs). It is the daily interaction with the dogs that matters. But in addition we also participate in dog shows, agility and obedience.

I strive to breed healthy Dalmatians, free from diseases and with much emphasis on good temperament. I have passed the Danish Kennel Club's breed training and I have had six litters.

When you are a big animal lover, then you sometimes forget to think. And then the number of animals in the household grows. For the time being the family consists of a Dalmatian bitch, Titania, a Dalmatian, male, Boris, a Chinese hairless dog (or Chinese Crested), Gilbert, a housecat, Miss Daisy and my new showdog - the young Dalmatian male Bruce from Titania's last litter

Welcome to this page. Look around and get to know this great family. A translation to English of all the pages will follow soon.