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O'Talix's Introduces A Man By A Man - named Boris


Boris is a liver spotted male born June 7th 2001

Boris is the definition of a happy dog. Han loves children, dogs, horses, the vet, the mailman, the chimney sweeper - in short: EVERY BODY! And he smiles. An ability he soon discovered that people like and he also discovered that a big smile can save a naughty dog from scolding, so he uses it a lot.

He is a very calm, comfortable and well-adapted Dalmatian dog. Today he is a great adult dog of 40 kg, but in heart just a big playful puppy. He loves to carry around his big teddy bears andproudly shows them to everyone.

Boris was also an obedience dog in his younger years. He passed the first test and earned the tittle LP1. Sadly we had to stop as he got a back injury and was not allowed to jump anymore.

Boris was my first real show dog. He did fine and is Danish and German Champion. He had 3 CACIBs but did not manage to get the last one for the Internation Champonship.

Boris is now retired and he rules the house in the most loving and tender way.